Blockade lengthens food shortage
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By Andrew M. Pierce

Seceding from Earth’s rule has been made difficult after attacks to limit our dependence on their systems. Mandatory rationing has been put into effect by the temporary Looner government since Wednesday.

Most understand the needs for the rationing and many more are angered by the reasons behind it. “All’s fair in war. They have made their stance quite clear. However I’m sure they have not thought through the consequences,” said Amnod Jentrys (22).

“Earth has completely abandoned any conversation regarding our freedom. It’s as if our declaration has not only gone unheard but we’re being punished as if we were children,” said intern Looner governor Jerry Geggs.

The attack that destroyed over half of the Looner food production came after the blockade that has thus far prevented any ships from Earth’s surface to travel to the moon. Likewise ships that attempted to enter Earth’s orbit have been threatened to be fired upon.