Terran Star Base Protests Become Deadly

Earlier today, protests over the recently approved earth orbit star base became deadly. Thirty-two were killed during the forced removal of protestors outside of the ISA’s compound in northern Africa.

Deemed a necessary step in moving humanity off Earth to a less toxic and more stable environment, the Terran star base has fueled fierce debates since its inception.

Opponents cite that while the Earth will quickly become uninhabitable to humans, building such a star base would doom all life on Earth once its orbit degrades.

Currently under construction, its final dimensions will leave a structure in-orbit twice as big as the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs and three times as massive.

“We are not the last word on life on planet Earth,” said protestor Ann Lovins (22) of Nebraska. “Not only are we not the last word we also do not have the right to decide to end any future that life may have on this planet.”

The ISA while quick to build the structure whose size is the smallest able to accommodate the evacuation of 27 billion people has failed to address how the structure will be dismantled.

“What goes up must come down. If we proceed further, Earth will become as barren and toxic as Venus,” said Paul Timms 47. Mr. Timms was killed later this morning in the protest. The ISA accuse that Paul Timms shot and killed an employee of the ISA and attempted to shoot military personnel as they tried to detain him.

By Andrew M. Pierce

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