12 MILLION Dead in Skyjack Collapse

By Andrew M. Pierce

Yesterday, North Atlantic Skyjack Seven returned to earth is one of the most devastating accidents ever. Over twelve million people are estimated dead with nearly two-thirds of the bodies missing.

The accident while being the largest has also become the largest rescue operation ever. Ships from across the planet converged on the scene to render help and get people out of the water. Navy officials stated that one of the initial problems wasn’t even the accident but the enormous response that was rendered to assist. While most that arrived were serious in their intent to help, there were still quite a few that were there to only record the havoc. Several looters were arrested.

Authorities have released that only six transits were in progress when the skyjack fell. North Atlantic Seven has been cleared for nearly double that number of concurrent operations. Skyjack operations were paused at all over the world as security checks were initiated.

Security has been tighted at all docks leaving the planet and has pushed the constraints of the interstellar shipping industry to it’s breaking point.

The base of the NA7 was crushed completely and has sunk to the ocean floor. This was believed to be impossible however there is part of the structure above the water but what we are currently able to see is unknown. Authorities are not revealing any further details about the accident but report that efforts to rescue people is the top priority.

The debris field is nearly seventeen miles wide currently and growing. The ecological damage could be one of the worst in human history.

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