7 Year Old Destroys Home While Playing Baseball

By Andrew M. Pierce

Indianapolis – Most fathers dread their child hitting a baseball through a neighbor’s window. So Pete Anderson was relieved when his seven year old hit the side of his parents brick home instead of the dining room window. Or so he thought until he retrieved the ball. “I glanced up and saw something golden where Alex had hit the house.”

Mr. Anderson (33), picked up a large flake of brick that had fallen away and matched it to where the ball had struck the house. While the two matched up, what he saw below the façade was not brick however. Mr. Anderson compared the broken part of wall to his wedding ring, it was a near match.

“My jaw just fell open, Alex wouldn’t stop apologizing and all the sudden I was hollering for my father.” The two men worked quietly away on the side of the house for two days discovering over five-thousand bars of gold.

“We just didn’t know what to do, we had torn down almost one entire side of the house and nearly every brick was false. We had three more sides to check.” The Andersons would spend the next two weeks scouring the home for more before securing the movement of the gold.

“We were on edge, my mother and wife had taken as much as we dared to local banks and opened safe deposit boxes but eventually we needed professional help. We just wanted to secure some just in-case.”

While none of the Andersons have revealed the total number of bars discovered, financial experts have estimated that the bars found in the first wall would be enough to secure their place as one of the richest families in North America.

Pete Anderson’s father, Jeremy Anderson (54), purchased the home in spring of April 2645 as part of a government sale after the home was repossessed three years earlier.

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